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Sporting Start with Denise Lewis

Denise Lewis OBE is famous for her multiple medal-winning heptathlon exploits. But how will she get on when she steps out of her comfort zone and pads up to try cricket for the first time?

Find out as she attempts the first of her Sporting Start challenges, powered by the nutritionally balanced, natural goodness of Weetabix.

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Weetabix & Denise Lewis' Sporting Start

Part1: Former Heptathlete Denise Lewis OBE is challenged by Weetabix to learn the ins and outs of women’s cricket. 2016 has the summer of sport, so there's no better time than now to stand up, gear up and try something new! #Sportingstarts

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Part 2: Not everyone's cup of tea; watch as Denise Lewis OBE is taught the timings and techniques of catching, by England Women’s Development Programme Head Coach Salliann Briggs.

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"Mind the windows Denise!" Part 3 of our series sees the former gold medallist try her hand at batting. Ready to try something new, too? Kick off your summer of #Sportingstarts with Weetabix – every pack contains a FREE sports session! 

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Out bowled!

Part 4: With the help of former England women’s world cup winner Ebony Rainford–Brent, Denise Lewis OBE throws her best arm as she gets in the bowling spirit.

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No LBW here!

Part 5: Denise Lewis OBE learns the importance of ALWAYS crossing the line, as England Women’s Development Programme Head Coach Salliann Briggs coaches her through the wicked do's and don'ts of running between wickets.

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Let’s get serious!

Part 6: Nowhere to hide; Denise Lewis OBE is the star of the show as she puts her new skills to use, preparing for the big game with one-on-one tuition through batting, fielding and bowling.

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Game face ON!

Part 7: The grand finale; Denise Lewis OBE puts her new skills to use in a match against the English women’s cricket team in Loughborough.


Denise has tried something new – now it's over to you.

Kick off your summer of #Sportingstarts with Weetabix – every pack contains a FREE sports session! Starting with a warm-up jog to the supermarket…